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Week of 01/02/2023
(most recent requests/praises at top)

Prayers for new transitions and God's direction for CTTW ministry.

Prayers for travel mercies for upcoming mission trip to Nicaragua.

Pray for health, blessing, and peace in 2023.

Praise report: We found a home!
-Joey & Bethany

Praise report: Heart cath procedure was successful.
Prayers for a quick recovery.

Prayers for healing for my finger.

Pray for Leann's 90 year old father to be relieved from all symptoms, pain, blood clots, and TIAs if it be God's will.
Week of 01/09/2023
(most recent requests/praises at top)

Pray for those who do not yet know Christ and that there would be a powerful breakthrough.

Pray for CTTW mission partners and all those organizations/individuals that are doing God's work across the globe.

Pray for Aly and Ricky's new relationship (marriage and children).
Week of 01/16/2022
(most recent requests/praises at top)

Pray for Peggy's recovery and for wisdom for doctors to know how best to treat her moving forward; may God perform mighty miracles in her situation.

Pray for Reni to receive healing from sickness.

Pray for medical procedure to be in God's hands on Tuesday.

Pray for my daughter who is in a toxic relationship and unhealthy habits to return home and receive help.

Please pray for the healing of my baby girl since I am only 20 weeks into pregnancy.

Prayer for healing of leg tissue.

Pray for physical healing of finger injury.

Praise report: New job starting!

Pray for Melia and Caden, and healing of the children.
Week of 01/23/2023
(most recent requests/praises at top)

My brother Dan Bradley is in a lot of pain and despair and I my prayer is not only that he’ll be healed but God will give him direction should he find another doctor? He has been on every medication and the side effects are worse than the illness so please pray!

I get my work permit this month.
Water comes back flowing in my house today. I've had no water for five days.
My new house comes quickly into order and safety.
My health becomes strong.
My computer chargers will work properly and my laptop will work. 
-Maggie (On Eagles Wings)

Pray for my brother, Dan Bradley, to be healed completely; please give wisdom to the doctors because they still do not know what's wrong and Dan continues to lose weight and this has led to depression.
Pray for Rosanne Savoca who is in the hospital.

Pray for the persecuted church worlwide.

Pray for Robert's salvation.
Pray for the prodigals of the world and that they would return to their first love (Jesus).
Pray for my two sons to have purpose and find direction in their life.

Please pray for favor with situations with home insurance from Hurricane Ian.
Prayers for transitions in life.

Praise report: Caden is completely healed thank you Lord!

Prayers for healing for many in our community:
Natalie/"Noni" -- knee
Belinda -- GI areas
Liam -- tonsils and adenoids 

Continued prayers of healing for Gwen's leg, transition with her job situation, and for God's timing and will to be done with her relocating back to Bradenton.