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Week of 10/25/2021
(most recent requests/praises at top)

Pray for Lauri who is experiencing severe stomach pain.

Prayers for the unspoken requests.

Praise report: healing of 15 year old girl during mission time.

Prayers for our country's southern border.

Praise report: a college student, Luke, became a believer last year and he stood up today to give his testimony -- God is producing fruit in mentoring young people;
continued prayer for our ministry and the work we are doing in Bowling Green.
-Kent (H2O Church, BGSU)

Pray for my niece who is expecting her new baby any day!

Pray for a friend who is having cataract surgery.

Pray for my family with the passing of my nephew; may God bring comfort and peace.

Praise report: Milton is home and the doctors said his organs are fine;
Please pray for the road to recovery; he is not eating or drinking much; pray for me as I help our in Orlando.

Pray for new relationship to be in God's will and if not then to redirect my path.

Pray for continued healing in our household;
pray for my friend Stephanie who just lost her husband unexpectedly.

Pray for my son who is going through many life changes; he needs wisdom and discernment from God.

Prayers for good health for family...and me.
Week of 11/01/2021
(most recent requests/praises at top)

Pray for God's voice to reach into my children's hearts and my ex-husband's heart.

Pray for my granddaughter and her mental health.

Pray for healing of my elbow which I broke in Nairobi;
prayers for our On Eagles Wings' families and their protection/safety.
-Maggie, On Eagles Wings ministry

Pray for the emergency workers and those staffing the hospitals.

Pray for the unspokens.

Prayers for detention center and for Jesus to be there even when the volunteers cannot be;
prayers for the Swell ministry.

Prayers for a persistent ear ache I have been experiencing to heal.
-Mary Rose

Pray for a mild ocular migraine that I have had in my eye.
Week of 11/08/2021
(most recent requests/praises at top)

Pray for my friend who is having surgery on her spinal column (Heather).

Pray for a friend, Ruthie, who has metastatic breast and brain cancer.

Pray for an upcoming ministry trip to Bethany College as we lead worship, and teaching and training on spiritual disciplines of worship and prayer.

Praise Report: My nephew, Charlie, is finally home from the hospital following hospitalization with COVID since August.
Pray for a breakthrough for my granddaughter.

Pray for end to riots in Nairobi slums; the government is tearing down homes and businesses to make a road and the people are furious.
-Maggie (On Eagles' Wings)

Pray for a family gathering to be a time of blessing.

Prayers for "D" to recover from surgery and for the issues they are experiencing at home.

Praise report: Our staff has just returned from an evangelism conference; we are rested and ready to continue reaching the next generation with God's word.
-Pastor Kent (H2O Church BGSU)

Prayers for healthy children.

Prayers for those struggling with decisions regarding COVID vaccinations and for families who have differing opinions; may God help us in these situations.

Praise report: God has provided a place for me to settle and live!

Prayers for health and for our nation.

Prayers for physical healing and spiritual protection for my son.

Prayers for Kay.

Pray for a sister in Christ who has gone astray; praying for her return.

Pray for Marilyn and her heart surgery;
prayers for LeAnn for relief from migraine.
Week of 11/15/2021
(most recent requests/praises at top)

Please pray for all of our children, the schools, teachers and staff throughout our nation.
And please say a prayer for my dear friend Keith!

Pray for Raphael who was struck by a car, and is healing from his injuries.

Pray for young people who are abused and forgotten.

Pray for my brother, Wes, who is in Maine and has Parkinson's. He has now had to go to a nursing/rehab center; pray also for his wife, Chris, who is struggling with the decision.

Praise report: New believers coming forward this week!
-Pastor C.

Pray for children who have received wrong dose of COVID vaccine;
pray for child diagnosed with failure to thrive and pray for families to know proper care for children who struggle with this.

Pray for the unspokens -- there are many!

Pray for healing in Terry's lungs;
Pray for peace in our world.
Week of 11/22/2021
(most recent requests/praises at top)

Pray for love to the the foundation of wedding happening in our family this week.
Prayers that we would put God above all.

Prayers for my daughter to reconcile.

Continued prayers for my granddaughter, Elena.

Pray for my wife's peace as her sister has moved to hospice for end of life.

Prayers for Keith who is in the hospital.

Prayer for in laws to have a touch of encouragement from the Lord.

Pray for Terri who just lost her husband.

Prayer for healing in heart issue.

Praise report: Marilyn's continued healing from heart surgery;
Please pray for her to have patience through the recovery process.

Pray for wisdom on possible job changes.

Pray for safe travels for college kids coming home for Thanksgiving;
Prayers for father's healing;
Pray I am a good witness to all for Christ.

Pray for friend, Linda, and her trust in God and protect her from harm;
Prayer for neighbor, Mary, to have peace from the passing of her husband.

Pray for Pastor Matt with H2O Church; he needs healing from COVID.

Praise report: For so many blessings (more than I could ever believe)!

Pray for "respect of life."

Prayers for an affordable living space.

Travel mercies for family coming home for Thanksgiving.

Prayers for my husband and I to be obedient.

Praise report: For healing from the Lord's hand for myself and my wife.
-Pastor C.