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Notes About This Group:

♥ The only reading material you need is a Bible; you are encouraged to read the given chapter of scripture prior to group gathering which is available via the facilitator ; if you can’t do not worry, 
just come!

♥ Each participant is asked to make a love donation towards the ministry of 
Come To The Well Foundation. 
Donations can be made online at:

♥ This group will held completely online; this allows participation from anywhere.
“Christianity, like soap, must be personally applied if it is to make a difference in our lives!”
-Billy Graham
As a group, we will be working our way through the Bible, one chapter at a time! To do this we implement the concept from the acronym S.O.A.P. This is an exciting method in which all of us are participants as we each experience these four steps. 

Which verse from the chapter sticks out to you?

What do you see/notice about this verse?

How can you apply this verse to your life? 

Give a short prayer to God about the verse and how it affects you. 

*Gathering time will conclude with communion and prayer*

Notes About This Group:

♥ This class requires no reading materials; you are encouraged to read the Weekly Encouragement prior to reflection time which is available on CTTW website ; if you can’t do not worry, just come!

♥ Each participant is asked to make a love donation toward the ministry of CTTW Foundation. 
Donations can be made online at:

♥ This is an online opportunity; this allows 
participation from anywhere and at any time...home, the office, school, etc. Jesus said, “Come, follow me;” in obedience, thanks to technology, we can do just that!
Need a mid-week spiritual pick me up? Grab your lunch and join us for Love Letter Lunch!

Come personally commune with your Savior through video reflection, spoken encouragement, and prayer.

How God's Plans for the Future Can Change Your Life Now

Tour the Final Book of the Bible

Revelation was written because God wants us to know what the future holds. For Christians, the prophetic truths within provide wisdom, reassurance, and discernment—while for unbelievers, Revelation is a plea to receive God’s grace while there 
  is still time.

Revealing Revelation provides an eye-opening look at what lies ahead for every person in the end times—either in heaven 
or on earth. 

Are you prepared for what is to come? 
Study time will include small group discussion and prayer.

♥ Study Guide — $20 
(this may be paid at time of registration on CTTW website or by check)
NOTE: On website it is under “Donations"